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Window Rubber Seal Off How To Do?

Jan 19, 2017

Glass installation is not centered, the gap between the glass frame is not uniform, the rubber seal is not close to the glass and the window frame, the installation is not smooth. Hand knock on the glass, a loose sound.

The reasons for this situation:

1. When installing the glass, do not timely remove the debris in the slot, so that the glass and slot not aligned.

2. Glass gap with the glass slot uneven, rubber and glass, glass tank contact bad, protruding glass slot, hand can easily pull off the seal.

3. In the corner of the rubber is not broken, not injection adhesive.

Rectification measures are:

1. Glass should be carefully removed before the slot to debris, such as mortar, brick, wood, etc., should be carefully placed in the glass to ensure uniform on both sides of the gap, and timely correction is fixed to prevent the collision shift, deviation Notch center.

2. Rubber seal can not pull too tight, cutting length than the length of the assembly length 2O-3Omm. Installation should be inlaid in place, the surface straight, and glass, glass slot in close contact, so that even the glass around the force. In the corner of the rubber strip should be cut off the slope, and in the break glue glue.

3. Seal with a sealant to fix the glass, you should first use rubber or rubber blocks to squeeze the glass, leaving the injection gap, the injection depth should be not less than 5mm, in the plastic curing, the glass should be kept from vibration.

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