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Which Work Environment Is Not Suitable For Using Silicone Seal?

Aug 14, 2017

                                                  Which work environment is not suitable for using silicone seal?

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        The sealing strips which is  made of silica gel has high abrasion resistance, and it has the function of automatic elastic compensation in the worn part of the work sealing ring surface, thereby it make increase the service life of the silica gel sealing element. But it is not almighty, and it also has many disadvantages, which make it not available in many environments.

       1,The work environment more than 50 pounds is not suitable for sealing ring with silica gel in working pressure, although the silicone rubber can be compatible with most of the oil, compound and solvent, it  has good corrosion resistance, but it is has no resistance for alkyl hydrogen and aromatic oil. There is no suggestion of sealing ring using silica gel in most concentrated solvent, oil, acid and diluted caustic soda solution.

      2, Add some special ingredients, special silica gel seal ring has radiation resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance performance, but the drawback is the silicon rubber has poor mechanical properties, for use of silicone sealing ring is not recommended to stretch, tearing, strong abrasion in the environment in the work environment, usually only as the use of static sealing.