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Where Is The Mystery Of The Door Bottom Sealing Brush?

Aug 04, 2017

Where is the mystery of the door bottom sealing brush?

We often hear one of the main reason to changing the door bottom sealing supplier is quality   issues. Most of the time, customer will surprise what a little brush mystery, why do some brush       quickly fade, deformation, dropping, uneven reach sealing effect and dust blocking effect, difficult to install, difficult unloading etc.......

In fact, these problems are with the quality of the sealing brushes are related, some people think that the quality of the brush should not important, Just can be used is ok. when you used, you will find the quality problem. You can not underestimate the small brush. Recently, a client plans to buy a batch of door bottom sealing brush from our company. Customer sent us some samples he used before. Upon receipt of the sample, we tested immediately.

When you get the brush first you will not find out what the problem is,       but when you used, it will bring a lot of trouble to you: a broken filament will fall gently. Then installed beneath the door, long closed door, natural fuzz will fall over the ground, and did not reach the seal ffect , you dare to use?


     In 2009, Shanghai HeYa developed a "brush brush production enterprise quality standards",

In December 2016,Shanghai HeYa made third amendments to the product standards.

From materials, the base material of the filament, brush and specifications of packaged goods, according to the needs of the user application, customer requirements, new developed product testing standards more appropriate. Shanghai He Ya  may be limited, but never surpassed!


    Well, the mystery of the door seal brush is at the following points:

    1, Fuzz neatly, fuzz length and high bottom are basically the same, can prevent 98.5% of air         leakage, the sealing effect is very good!

2, Shanghai HeYa brush after 1 million times back and forth friction test, no deformation, good wear resistance, long service life!

3, Shanghai HeYa brush fastening, No dropping fuzz, pull over 6kg~10 kg

4, The base material, the same batch of fuzz overall color uniform, installation effect is more beautiful!