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What Are The Matters Needing Attention When Installing Silicone Seals?

Aug 17, 2017

                  What are the matters needing attention when installing silicone seals?

Silicon rubber seal is a type of excellent sealing effect of sealing ring, good abrasion resistance, preventing fluid leaking out from the sealing device. It make better to prevent external dust, sediment, air, small particles from entering the interior of the sealing device of the silicone seal. Notes that sealing strips are used in a wide range of machinery, instrumentation, pipes, household appliances, vehicles and other vehicles, as well as in the construction industry   

  We should pay attention to 3 items when installing the silicone seal:

1. Do not damage the sealing surface or sealing line on the surface of the silicone seal

The plane sealing performance of the sealing parts are relied on two end face; plane sealing performance of the sealing parts are depended on a hole or shaft related lip line. These parts are made of soft and rich elasticity temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance of graphite, rubber, fiber these vulnerable special materials form, thus it needs to give special protection and care in the handling, installation and storage process, once the damage will often leave a lot of hidden dangers to the sealing parts.

2, Do not force the installation

Some silicone seals are placed in the stuffing groove, then need is arranged, It can not be rough, brutal when construction, Great action forced into the silicone seals will destroy the original precast structure, which is like the precast concrete broken fill in the required parts will inevitably lead to disaster. These kinds of  installation of such silicone seals must be very careful and careful, and the insertion shall be done step by step.

3, Installation should pay attention to balance, symmetry

Place the silicone seal in place that fits into the effective seal face (or lip line). After the system opened to use, it needs further observation and fastening silicone seals aftermath work, the changes in working conditions due to prevent the system working process (such as pressure) and leakage caused by the breach.