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What Are The Characteristics Of Foam Sealing Strips?

Nov 08, 2018

  Foamed sealing strip is mainly a kind of sealing strip formed by many special materials through characteristic processing. This type of sealing strip can be used in many places, and its own performance characteristics are also many. Let us look at it. See an introduction to its performance characteristics.

  First, light and strong

  The foamed sealing strip has the characteristics of light weight. It is very light weight compared with other sealing strips of the same quality, but its own toughness is very good, and its thermal insulation performance is also very strong, which can prevent high heat. It is said that the insulation properties that it owns are very good.

  Second, low water absorption and good cushioning

  The structure of the foamed sealing strip is non-absorbent independent bubble. The water absorption of this structure is very low, it will not be deteriorated by the surrounding humid environment, and its cushioning performance is also very good. Applications can be used in buffer materials.

  For this kind of foamed sealing strip, its own weather resistance is also very good, it can be well applied indoors or outdoors, precisely because of its own performance characteristics,

  It has been widely used in packaging materials and has been widely used in the vehicle and marine industries. It has played a very important role in these fields and has been recognized by users.