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Jul 06, 2017

Every exterior door, or door to an uninsulated room such as an attic, must be weatherstripped as required by building codes in various jurisdictions. The materials used in door weatherstripping are thresholds, a piece of material (either a sweep or a J-hook) to match the door to the threshold, and the actual weatherstripping itself. Doors can usually be divided into private homes and commercial properties. Some of these doors receive custom weatherstripping at the factory.

Pre-weatherstripped doors for private homes are usually made of fiberglass or a similar material and are shipped from the factory weatherstripped. The doors have a kerf in the door stop so that a foam, rubber, or vinyl strip can be placed inside for the door to rest against when closed. These doors also have the threshold — usually a molded piece of plastic — nailed to the frame in the factory. These units are not difficult to install and require only very little skill.

Custom weatherstripping, compared to pre-weatherstripped units, requires much more time and is considered to be a specialized skill. Weatherstrippers install a threshold, cut the door and install a sweep or J-hook to the bottom of the door, and nail spring-steel bronze into the doorjamb to seal the gap.

Door weatherstripping is critical for thermal comfort and the overall energy efficiency of any building, particularly in Zero Energy and Passive House building projects for cold climates. Doors should meet very high airtight standards to reduce air leakage to a minimum


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