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TPE Sealing Performance Brief

Sep 19, 2016

Window and door insulation and air-tightness of buildings energy consumption has a significant impact, its energy efficiency is about building energy efficiency 40%, bad seal Windows and doors lost body heat loss heat losses by Wall 5-6. As one of the doors and Windows Accessories, 0.1-0.5% rubber seal costs only account for doors and Windows, for the entire construction project, its cost is minimal, but the seals play a role is not a trivial, it relates to the sealing of doors and Windows (protection against wind and rain), sound insulation, cold and dust, and other important properties.

Due to improper sealant used, quality problems with many doors and Windows enterprise and reworked, has brought about great economic and reputational damage to the enterprise, such as:

1, sealing strip soon, become hard and brittle, losing elasticity and sealing, acceptance of these works appears leak, leaks and other problems.

2 lax, parts of the corner seals or glue cracked, causing leakage accident.

3, after exposure to the Sun or heat, sealing strip of sticky, attached to the form, and on the glass, sometimes appear "seepage" phenomena, pollution Windows and doors, impact doors and Windows sealed function and appearance.

4, bad seal hazardous substances (soluble heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and antimony carcinogens), volatile organic compounds, such as damaging to human health.

Thus, selection of high performance rubber seal is the key to solving these problems.

Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE, also known as artificial or synthetic rubber, many years ago in the European countries are widely used in door and window industry, domestic relies mainly on imports, but was rarely used because of the expensive. TPE rubber seal than conventional cross-linked Vulcanized high elasticity, aging resistance, oil resistance, such as the excellent performance, but also have wide processing, recycling of secondary characteristics of building societies in many countries (United Kingdom, BPF, Germany RAL and France CSTB) revered. With the development of China's science and technology and industrial progress, TPE domestic raw materials has been able to replace imported products, and gradually being applied to fields such as automotive, train, wires, Windows and doors, TPE rubber seal ultra high price has become instead of the traditional rubber (EPDM, PVC, silicone, etc) the best material.

TPE sealing properties and characteristics are as follows:

(1) toxicity, environmental protection, pollution: no carcinogens such as nitrite-free and does not contain heavy metals, no smell, no harm to human, environment, green environmental protection product. Product passed the SGS certification, in line with the EU ROHS directive, especially for export-oriented enterprises is essential.

(2) low density: no fillers such as calcium powder in the production process, product density 0.93-0.98, only seal EPDM material 67%, same weight rubber EPDM is the window rate of 1.3-1.4 times.

(3) good anti-aging property: normal service life not less than 20 years. Ultraviolet rays, acid rain, ozone, and humid air, arc has a good tolerance. Does not appear hard, oil, shortening and other phenomena, long-lasting guarantee seal performance.

(4) the function is stable: qualified through National Institute of architecture of the compatibility test, without precipitates, the profile surface coating (acrylic paints, oil paint) does not contaminate to ensure contact with the rubber Strip no trace of yellow, black, and enhance the quality of doors and Windows. Compatibility with structural adhesives, UV light irradiation after 21 days did not affect structural properties, in line with the GB16776 of the building door and window sealing requirements.

(5) products can be recycled recycling, conducive to investment and power, solved the Windows enterprise due to tailings caused by flaws in the design or worries.

(6) processing performance: can profile color special color strips, white tape, Scotch tape, color, do not fade, decorative appearance, enhance the grade of doors and Windows.

(7) excellent resistance to high and low temperature: temperature up to -50oC to +110oC, in the temperature range -20oC to +40o, hardness not higher than 4HA, than traditional PVC and EPDM seal material.

(8) the coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than 0.2W/(m k), is a thermal insulation material, improve window insulation, lower energy consumption.

(9) good elasticity, high tear strength: compression ratio 30%, 70 ° c under conditions of x24h and 22% compression, tear strength ASTM D624 is executed under 50 KN/M;

(10) can be heat welded: corner welding can fundamentally solve the corner seal is not strict, mucilage, cracking and other problems, the welding process is simple, high efficiency, high welding strength after welding easy installation, corners, glue and other cost savings, are being used by more and more high-end doors and Windows enterprise.