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TPE Or Silicone Rubber Weather Stripping Improve The Injection Speed, Mold Temperature

Aug 09, 2017

TPE Or Silicone Rubber Weather Stripping product injection molding surface such as strict requirements, must be dry before injection. Generally for the hopper dry 70 ~ 80 ℃ / 2h or tray drying 80 ~ 100 ℃ / 1h. For the tray dry, should pay attention to the thickness of the material layer is generally not more than 50mm better. Recommended tray drying. If the injection of the surface of the material has a bubble, or cut the material, found that there are empty, or found the surface of the product and scattered silver, you can determine the TPE Or Silicone Rubber Weather Stripping / TPR raw material containing too much water.

   First, the flow of traces

    In the shape of the product appear glossy different stripes. In general, in the resin injection molding are:

    (1) narrowly recorded stripes;

    (2) a relatively wide spacing stripes appearing on the surface of the molded article with the same phase;

    (3) three types of narrow stripes with eccentricities appearing on the surface of the molded article.

    Solution: You can solve these methods, such as adding pure monomer resin, increase the injection speed, mold temperature, increase the injection port, increase the resin temperature and injection rate, increase the molding temperature, mold temperature or reduce the injection speed. By increasing the injection speed and the mold temperature are both effective.

   Second, the mold release is poor

    Mold release means that the molded article is difficult to remove from the mold or is completely deformed during removal. The adhesive material can easily cause this problem, but the method of applying the release agent to the material or applying the release agent to the mold before the molding can be improved. In the case where the molded product is insufficiently cooled (insufficiently cured), such a problem is likely to occur, and it is necessary to sufficiently cool the molded article. In addition,TPE Or Silicone Rubber Weather Stripping the mold design is unreasonable will become difficult to mold the reasons, especially in the injection of plastic mouth, into the glue and other easy to sticky mold parts, increase the angle of the plastic mouth pull out, widening into the glue are very Effective.

 Third, aging

    Phenomenon: mechanical properties of products significantly reduced, the appearance of quality deterioration

    Reason: Compared with inorganic materials and metal materials, polymer materials, heat resistance, poor UV resistance caused by aging products. Most of the products due to aging and its mechanical properties significantly reduced, the appearance of poor quality.

    Solution: With the combination of heat, weather resistance and other stabilizers, by adding UV absorbers, light stabilizer method, to a certain extent, can inhibit the aging phenomenon.

    Fourth, the color is not uniform

    In the use of thermoplastic elastomer particles and dry mix as the pigment mixture of the mother to color, it is easy to shape the phenomenon of uneven color. As a countermeasure to improve the screw back pressure,TPE Or Silicone Rubber Weather Stripping strengthen the filler when the mixing is effective.

5, whitening phenomenon: refers to the stabilizer and other agents to migrate to the surface of molded products, the surface of the same powder as the appearance of a white phenomenon

    Reason: mainly due to excessive stabilizer or with the polymer incompatibility caused.

    Solution: The emergence of this type of problem, should choose a good compatibility with the polymer stabilizer or the amount of stabilizer to control the best range. Second, the replacement of relatively high molecular weight stabilizer is also very effective. In addition, there is also a stabilizer that functions by migrating to the surface of the molded article.

Such as antistatic agents, lubricants, and the like. For this stabilizer, it is necessary to select a stabilizer that is difficult to exhibit whitening even if it is migrated. In the general environment, there is little problem of whitening, but in the case of high temperature, humidity, long-term outdoor use, in order to improve the durability of the additional heat stabilizer, the resistance stabilizer is very necessary. Especially at high temperatures, because of its easy to cause migration, so the choice of stabilizer is also very important.