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Toilet Waterproofing Practices

Nov 03, 2018

Toilet Waterproofing Practices

        Kitchen Bathroom waterproof project is at present the place that the family decorates more easily appears a problem, should pay attention to these sensitive area in outfit all the more. At present the material that is used at toilet waterproof has a lot of kinds, basically waterproof effect is not bad, but should notice toilet waterproof specific construction detail, discover a problem to want to mend in time, wait for later can produce leakage to mend again troublesome much.

PVC waterproof caulk strip

       Causes of water seepage in toilet and even roof leakage generally have the following reasons:

       1. Cracks in rubber concrete;

       2. After the waterproof layer is completed, the latter process destroys the waterproof layer (tiles);

       3. Used bad waterproof material (cheap but not good);

       4. The waterproof layer is not made as required or the thickness of the waterproof layer is not enough (>1.2mm);

       5. Failure to do node processing as required (poor node processing);

      6. Water leakage is caused by the damage of the original waterproof layer caused by the renovation of the grooved buried pipe;

      7. When making waterproof, the base surface does not meet the requirements, and there are such phenomena as sand raising and loose.

      8. Different shrinkage of water pipes and cement produces cracks.