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To Do So, Immediately Better Watertight Doors And Windows!

Sep 19, 2016

Outside watertight performance of Windows, doors and Windows of one of the three properties, is one of the most important items in the Windows performance index. Performance refers to the closing of watertight doors in the rain at the same time prevent rainwater seepage ability under the action.

If the watertight performance of exterior Windows, in case of windy and rainy weather, the water by means of wind leakage through the window to the room. Casement Windows made of quality accessories and unique design, superior water tightness, the following decryption casement window principles of superior water tightness.

A: high quality sealants

Between the window sash and the window frame, glass and sash are anti-aging, elastic sealant, the physical properties of the material reached the national standard GB1200289 (the sealing strips for plastic doors and Windows). When the sash is closed, the Strip can be very good on window frames, reduce storm water infiltration.

II: seal

Side, Central and both inside and outside of the sash window frames between the window frame and sash are equipped with sealing strip on the inside, forming three seals, lateral sealing blocks rain, inside a sealed block outdoor gas Central seal forms a cavity, so as to effectively block the rain through the effect of outdoor wind pressure to enter the room, heightening the medial wall and window frame design, block the rain. As a professional manufacturer of doors and Windows sealed for 17 years of Rui da Bai bang, our professional design staff will design the best lip for Windows systems, organized in March 2016 fenestration show in Guangzhou, China, also showed the audience at our excellent waterproof sealing systems, is has been recognized by everybody!

Three: high precision, in the corners and use the connection gap minimum

Sash of the four corners junction, junction between the jamb and the frame is in gap, if the processing precision, large angle error, gap will, it is easy to fill. Germany imported processing equipment, high precision, let the connection close, gap minimum, to prevent rainwater from the gap penetration.

Meanwhile, high precision, profiles and accessories such as sliding, corner, hinge Assembly high precision, close as a whole, from outside to inside reduces rain penetration of the channel.

Four: the unique design of die cavity

Outdoor Indoor pressure under the action of the wind, the rain water will run down the indoor penetration this pressure. And new emperor Howe flat door of sash and window frames in Central increased Middle sealed rubber article, will box fan between empty cavity is divided into two a cavity room, outside side for water key cavity room, inside for gas key cavity room, outside side formed, pressure cavity,, pressure cavity within of pressure and outdoor of pressure equal, block rain into indoor, and according to siphon principle, rain through itself gravity to external outflow.