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This EPDM Seal Is Often Used In The Time

Sep 05, 2017

In the seal, but also has a vulcanization of the phenomenon, and like this EPDM seal is often used in the time, can play a very good sealing performance, the reason why it is sealed performance is good The process of using a one-piece curing process, that is, it is used in the time, it is often its use, and ultimately to the length of the truncation, but also for vulcanization, and ultimately make it a good combination The



And then there is a continuous vulcanization method, which in the use of the entire seal in the process, more has been improved, and it in the whole process of vulcanization, but also can be divided into several different curing methods, such as salt bath, hot air Etc., but relatively speaking, this in the use of time, must meet the professional skills, only friends have this way, in order to get better results, such as microwave, it must be to achieve professional skills.

Because it is in use, often not only for the rubber strip has a very good effect, but also to adapt to the use of l,EPDM seal and other high-temperature curing, etc. must also be achieved professional and technical, must be achieved soon Speed and leveling test, if you can not achieve this, often there will be poor performance of the seal, or outside the appearance is not enough and so on, and if their own under the bad operation, there will not be the phenomenon of environmental pollution.

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