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Talking About The Development Of Silicone Sealing Strip Industry

Feb 03, 2017

From the 18th century, silicone seal began to invent silicone rubber to today's silicone industry to flourish, silicone industry has experienced from scratch, from simple to complex process. Silicone manufacturers are now mushroomed, not only foreign companies for many years the development of the old, the domestic emerging enterprises are everywhere. Silicone classification is also in accordance with the different ways have different categories, the scope of application is also used from the beginning only in aviation, military fields, is now widely used in electrical and electronic, textile, automotive, machinery, leather, paper, metal, paint, medical Electrical appliances, electronics, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automotive and other industries. Silicone products are more and more closely and our lives, work linked.

Silicone industry in China is relatively rapid development, as of 2014, the use of silica gel will break through to hundreds of tons. Silicone products in the application of mobile phone sets, because the mobile phone constantly updated, the corresponding mobile phone shell is updated soon, so the demand for silica gel is relatively large. In Europe and the United States, silicone is widely used in kitchen utensils, because of its non-toxic harmless, environmentally friendly features. Throughout the domestic silica gel manufacturers, the quality of products produced varies greatly, mostly low-end products, lack of innovation and design, mainly through imitation to produce products. Many manufacturers of the production environment is uneven, and there are many or family-style production. Resulting in the domestic silicone products in the international high-end products, the competitiveness is not strong. Silicone product development will become more mature, the future development will be more segmentation, high-end. Domestic enterprises in the lack of high-end products is precisely what we need to make up for the place, especially in the medical silicone products, the basic monopoly of foreign enterprises.

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