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Sunroof Seals Rubber Care

Sep 19, 2016

1. takes note of the waterproofness of the Louvre. Sunroof seal is rubber sealing strip seal, should pay attention to the process of using the dust seal, in the winter after the snow or wash the car, skylight glass and sealed plastic box may be frozen, if you use brute force to open the skylight, easily lead to the sunroof motor and rubber seal is broken. Right thing to do is, the snow or wash the car rear, sunroof open, dry edge of residual moisture. In the dust bowl and great seasons, often use a sponge to clean sealing strips.

2. electric sunroof, bumpy roads best not to completely open, otherwise they will be in sunroof and slide between the deformation caused by the excessive vibration-related parts, or even damage to the motor.

3. in the process of washing the car, usually at the car wash, to conveniently Check sunroof rubber seal and Groove has no dirt such as dust, leaves or twigs. Avoid using high pressure water jets directly at the seal. This is not only easy to make the sealed under high pressure water jet pressure deformation and make the car into the water, and will also greatly damage the seal.

4. vehicle in preparation for the long term parking or need to use a special grease thoroughly cleaning and maintenance window tracks, avoided for too long cause seal aging phenomenon caused by the chemical reaction in air, inside the track entering the sunroof lock the phenomenon caused by dust.

Comment: so look, you can extend the life expectancy of the Louvre, also avoid roof rails on open dry, dirt and noise disappear, too. Beijing Hyundai manufacturer recommends two to three months maintenance time, especially in windy and sandy areas in the North. And the whole process is 30-60 minutes and simple, without waste of time, spend a penny to do great things.