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Storm Rising, Driving In Rainy Season

Sep 19, 2016

NO1. check if the door is leaking

Friends can be observed when taking advantage of the usual car wash, car wash process, after a water cannon into the body, found leaking traces in the car, indicating that there is car leaks, try to solve, or encounter rain when weather, can easily cause damage to the car.

NO2. check the rubber seal on the door, box is there flexibility

Check the rubber seal on the box when the car is mainly look at aging happens, generally speaking, the rubber after long time of use, aging will appear, if this happens, it will affect the normal use. When checked, owners can use compression seals, will crack, get home after the release, if you can't play back or appear cracks appear, do not use.

NO3. car tires and don't forget to check the

Rainy, wet on the road, then it should pay attention to road safety. Like car tires daily don't forget to check, if you don't check the tires before driving, it is easy because the tyre surface tread pattern wear, tire pressure is too low risk. When you check first of all depends on the surface of the tire tread depth, coins can be used to measure depth when the rain cannot be more than 3 mm, preferably in more than 4 mm, too little flick, slippage may occur.

NO4. driving car lighting inspection before it is important

Low visibility on rainy days when the car lights if a problem occurs, safety could not be guaranteed, so be sure to check before driving lights, can bus, a fog lights, brake lights and so on, take a look at whether status led, if there are no bright lights, must be repaired in a timely manner.