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Six Main Advantages Of Silicone Strips

Nov 15, 2018

  The six main advantages of silicone strips are:

  1. Has excellent electrical insulation properties, weather resistance, chemical stability and oxidation resistance and weathering, radiation resistance,

  2. Physiological inertness, permeability, high temperature resistance, ~ 250 °C ~ 60 °C Long-term use, excellent high temperature resistance (250-300), low temperature (-40-60), good physical stability.

  3. High, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic, tasteless.

  4. Silicone tube operating temperature range from -100 to 350 °C. It has excellent thermal insulation properties such as thermal aging and ozone aging, photoaging and aging resistance.

  5 silicone tube is non-toxic, tasteless and widely used in medicine.

  6. Precision, representing oil pipelines, household appliance seals, water pipe seals, medicines, etc.