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Silicone Rubber Seal Has Good Weatherability And Not Affected By Ozone.

Apr 09, 2018

             Silicone rubber seal has good weatherability and is not affected by ozone

          The silica gel seal is not affected by ozone. The aging resistance is excellent. The silicone rubber sealing strips produced by Qing drawing rubber have been used for a long time in all kinds of products. 18 years of experience in the production of silicone rubber seals have accumulated more than 2000 kinds of silicone rubber seal varieties of various specifications. The factory production workshop is 1100 square, and has 32 skilled staff. Among them, three senior engineers are engaged in silicone rubber seal technology development and more than fifteen years of experience in silicone rubber seal industry. There are rich product structure design, mold design and silicon rubber production experience. The company has developed many products which meet the needs of customers. In the dust cleaning workshop, the multi cavity seal, thin wall multi cavity seal, rotary door seal, and low temperature zero 100 degree silicone sealing strip are all highly appreciated by the customers. There is no fixed size and size of silicone rubber seal. Our company can carry out accurate design and production according to the samples or drawings provided by our customers. The products have smooth surface, fine corner and no hair and other bad impurities, welcome the new and old customers to call, and can be tested free of charge.

      1. silica gel seal strip has good performance, high temperature resistance and weathering resistance, anti-aging and anti impact, waterproof, and able to fit all kinds of smooth surface materials.

     2. the back adhesive tape is self adhered, the sealing is better, and the high temperature resistant glue is used for a long time without falling off. Environmental protection, safety, good insulation, high temperature resistance, small compression deformation, strong resilience, no toxicity.

    3.foaming silicone rubber sealing strip is evenly foamed, and the density can be 0.25-0.85g/cm3 and shore hardness 8-30A. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, resilient, flexible, and has no bubbles and no pores. It has high strength, long service life, product insulation, environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging and UV resistance.

  4. The surface is smooth and the foaming density is uniform.

  5. The good surface is not sticky. Good air permeability.

  6. the use of 100% high-quality silica gel raw materials, and after rigorous testing, in line with environmental standards.

 7.high temperature resistance: -70 degree -300 degree

 8. Heat resistance: silicone rubber has more heat resistance than ordinary rubber. It can be used almost forever at 150 degrees without change of performance; it can be used for 10000 hours at 200 degrees; it can also be used for a period of time at 350 degrees.

 9. weatherability: ordinary rubber degrades rapidly under ozone generated by corona discharge, while silicone rubber is not affected by ozone. And for a long time under ultraviolet and other climatic conditions, its physical properties vary little.

10. anti-aging, corrosion resistance, silica gel itself has strong inertia.

Because the main material of the silicone seal is silicone rubber material, so the sealing property of the silicone rubber seal is better than that of other materials, and it can be widely used in some working environment with high temperature and good weatherability, which can effectively resist the invasion of some natural factors. Such as rain and snow, even if the silicone rubber seal has been used for a long time, there will be no aging damage. At the same time, the silicone rubber seal has a good anti-seismic and waterproof function, so no matter how smooth the surface of the material needs to be glued, the silicone rubber seal can be close to the material.