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Silicone Foam Seal And EPDM Foam Rubber Sealing Strip's Difference

May 10, 2018

Silicone foam seal and EPDM foam rubber sealing strip’s difference 

Silicone foam seal and EPDM foam rubber sealing strip: silica gel heat resistance above 200 degrees, EPDM foam rubber sealing strip is far below this temperature.

The foaming seal strip is a kind of sealing strip which makes use of the characteristics of some materials to make holes in its interior. It is divided into three parts: ethylene propylene (EPDM) foaming sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip and PU foaming sealing strip. The foam sealing strip is formed by microwave vulcanization once, the surface is clean and beautiful, and there is no trace. It has good elasticity, anti compression deformation and excellent aging resistance. Excellent flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity, stable product performance and high dimensional accuracy.

Foam silicone seal - product features

1. lightweight, strong toughness, lightweight and strong toughness.

2. low thermal thermal conductivity and superior thermal insulation

3. non absorbent structure with independent bubble structure and low water absorbency.

4. cushioning and impact resistance is excellent. It can be used as cushioning material.

5. weatherability and weatherability are excellent. EPDM sponge can be tested by ozone resistance (50pphm*40). C*72 hours)