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Shanghai HeYa Brush's Fast Door Bottom Sealing Brush Has The Following Advantages:

Aug 23, 2017

Shanghai HeYa brush's fast door bottom sealing brush has the following advantages:

1. brush base with better corrosion resistance of SUS304 or uniform color and good structure of galvanized sheet.

 2. The filament is high flexibility, resilience, strong elasticity, functional nylon wear-resistant, meet the technical standards of the European Union, at the same time with flame retardant and anti-static function, Reaction on non-toxic, no radiation, low smoke, low heat.

3. The base longitudinal base line is straight, the cross section axis is symmetrical, the color is even.

4. Brush density uniform thickness, the length of the same height, no looseness, no shedding, tensile strength more than 6kg.

5. Reasonable design, diversified selection, easy installation, good sealing.