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Rubber Seal High Temperature Resistance

Mar 11, 2017

Rubber seals can now be said that it is indispensable to seal the products of all walks of life, especially in doors and windows, supporting mats, mats are made of rubber material, rubber, and there are many types of natural, fire- EPDM rubber and high temperature resistant silicone and sealing products.

The rubber seal is characterized by its resistance to corrosion, and the rubber has excellent corrosion resistance. We all know that in real life, time, air, water long oxidation, corrosion phenomenon of decay, also led to a large number of equipment life shortened, but has a strong corrosion resistance sealing performance.

Corrosion phenomenon First of all, the internal material in the process of oxidation of the face, not for the outside is a very good resistance, or the existence of air inside, although the existence of the external and is a good link, so the external air Of the impurities into the material inside, and ultimately there will only be anti-corrosion also has the surface often in the absence of ventilation in some dark will, the outside can be a very good erosion.

But the rubber seal of the article, the silicone strip in the use of the process, no matter what the environment in the suspension, still more long time without movement, and let it have been used again, it can still maintain the original performance, which in addition to the use of Is outside the rubber material, and then there is also used in the production of antioxidant synthesis technology, because of this, so it will eventually make it in use, there is a strong anti-aging properties. Rubber, production design is from the corrosion resistance, so its advantages, by the consumer's trust.