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Rubber Seal And High Temperature Sealing Strip For Automobile

Jun 15, 2018

Rubber seal and high temperature sealing strip for automobile

        After more than 20 years of development, the structure of automobile seal products, product design, production equipment and technology have made obvious progress. The heating vulcanization of most sealing strip extrusion production lines is microwave vulcanization and hot air vulcanization, and the heating vulcanization methods such as glass bead boiling bed vulcanization and sulphation tank are used in recent years. The hot vulcanized rubber sealing strip extrusion line of European high temperature and strong wind and multi direction air supply has been introduced.

      The rubber seal material base material is three ethylene propylene rubber. In order to meet the requirements for different types and different parts of the installation, the automobile seal requires the use of different properties of three ethylene propylene rubber compound. With the development of automobile industry, more and more new materials are used for automobile sealing strip, especially thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) is recognized as the superiority of automobile seal. Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer is mainly used in the thermoplastic elastomer of automobile sealing strip, which has good wear resistance and friction coefficient. Small, used as the extruding material for the sealing strip of the automobile glass guide groove, it can be used as the angle material of the automobile seal. In addition, the spongy TPE of the water bubble has been developed abroad. It has been widely used in the automobile rubber sealing strip, and has become a new trend of replacing the sponge rubber to make the automobile seal. In addition, the TPE coloring process is simple. It has been used as the external decoration material of automobile rubber sealing strip, and the current coloured TPE and color rubber coextruded rubber sealing strip technology, and several domestic automobile sealing strip enterprises have been introduced and applied.

      In order to prevent the adhesion of the rubber sealing strip from the surface of the body wrench, the silicone coating is usually used to handle the rubber sealing surface, and the polyurethane coating is sprayed on the sliding surface of the rubber seal to replace the electrostatic flocking technology.

     The high temperature resistant rubber seal is better than the ordinary silicone rubber strip. It is made of silica gel material with high temperature. It is mainly used for the sealing of articles under high temperature operating environment. The high temperature rubber sealing strip is usually between 50 and 120 degrees and can work for a long time with stable and reliable performance. The common high temperature sealing strip is made up of three EPR, elastic body (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), modified PVC, silica gel and so on. It is extruded by microwave vulcanization and so on. The surface is smooth and beautiful, with good elasticity and anti compression deformation.

High temperature resistant rubber seals are often applied to:

   1, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other building decoration doors and windows, mainly for dust-proof, pest control, waterproof, sound insulation, sealing and so on.

  2, door door frame, side window, front and rear windglass, engine cover and suitcase cover, and play the role of waterproof, dust proof, sound insulation, insulation, shock absorption and decoration.

3, electric cabinet seal, it has the characteristics of good sealing, waterproof, fire prevention, pest control, wind protection, light isolation, collision avoidance and long service life.