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Rubber And Transportation

Sep 12, 2017

Rubber and Transportation

         Rubber and transportation, rubber industry is developed with the development of automotive industry. In the 60s, the automotive industry and oil chemical industry rapid development, Made the production level of rubber industry has been greatly improved. In the 70s, in order to adapt to the vehicle speed, safety and energy saving, eliminate pollution, prevent pollution and other aspects of the needs, promoted new type of tires to appear continuously.  

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         The consumption of raw material glue occupies a large proportion in transportation. For example: a liberation spleen 4 tons of truck, need more than 200 kilograms of rubber products, a hard seat carriage assembly for rubber products total weight of more than 300 kgs, a 10000 ton ship would need nearly 10 tons of rubber products, a jet airliner needs nearly 600 kilograms of rubber. In the sea, land and air transportation, which one can not be separated from rubber products?. As a means of transportation, the tire is a major component. In recent years, in addition to the production of ordinary tires, but also vigorously develop radial tires, tubeless tires, underground rail, and some also used rubber tires. Rubber spring reduction products for railway vehicles and automobiles. Large stores, stations and subways are also using manned transport belts. In addition, there are also rubber hovercraft, air cushion vehicle and so on.

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