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Rubber And Civil Construction

Sep 12, 2017

Rubber and Civil Construction

         Rubberand civil construction, modern architecture, rubber is more useful. For example, glass sealed rubber strips used in buildings, soundproof floors, green sponges, rubber carpets, rain proof materials, and painted walls with emulsion paint. Since the mid 60s, large rubber spring cushions have been installed in buildings to reduce vibration and noise caused by subways. The rubber cushion for reducing the damage to the building is also produced abroad, and it is of great significance to develop this kind of rubber products. The manufacture of concrete hollow component application of inflatable rubber soft rubber latex cement and Jiaozhou green in construction engineering is used more and more widely. Mixing latex into cement improves the elasticity and wear resistance of cement. Adding 3% of rubber or latex to the paving of the road in the asphalt can prevent the road surface from cracking and improve the impact resistance. In building construction, the machinery, transportation equipment, protection articles and so on are all parts of rubber products.


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