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Rainy Day Drive These Tips

Sep 19, 2016

Traffic safety this topic once again into our line of sight. For driving in the rain, we should have two strings to one's bow: first, check before driving; in the second, driving matters to note.

Check before driving

Vehicle check before, mainly on the wiper, door/window seals and other parts are checked. Can ensure vehicles provide drivers with a better view; on the other hand secure car from water intrusion. In addition, lights, tire pressure checking is essential.

Check sealing strip

Mainly checks whether the rubber seal doors and boxes of aging, and view the flexible seal. Press the seal, see if there are cracks, and whether the normal rebound after release.

Second, leak detection

Check that the door is leaking, more common method is to use water cannons to hit the door edge, and see if the car has water seepage, leakage phenomenon. Finished the two tests and confirmed the General tightness under normal circumstances, no leakage phenomenon.

Three, lighting inspection

While driving on a rainy day, lights opens correctly is especially important. In the event of an emergency, can play a good role in warning. In front of our vehicle, mainly to inspect the fog lights, brake lights, and we often say "double Flash", check whether the normal opening is enough.

Four, tire pressure check

Vehicle braking in the rain, the most important thing is to have enough pressure to tire and road surface rainwater drained away, let the car stopped, so maintain a higher tire pressure on a rainy day was safe.

Rainy day traffic considerations

A slow, maintaining distance between speed

The road surface is wet on rainy days, lower friction coefficient, vehicles must slow down, keep the distance between vehicles before and after, be prepared to take emergency measures in advance. Open the outline marker lamps, if the rainfall is large open "double Flash".

Second, emergencies do not brake

Encountered when driving in the rain in front of emergency brake brake or downshift in the order should be taken to control the speed, not hard braking or emergency direction, this will result in vehicle side slip.

Three, air conditioning hair dryer clear line of sight

When rain or storms will seriously affect traffic sight, so rainy day drive to maintain good road view. Vehicle headlight blinding light formed in the rain scene, confused drivers, so to avoid the use of headlights and fog lights instead.

Time after the rain washing the car

After a storm of baptism, apart from the mud on the body, but also often provide viscous substances such as tar, if not cleaned, it is easy to attach on the paint, and difficult to remove. When washing your car should pay more attention to the bottom of the vehicle and lower the dirt piled up here, more difficult to clean, also prone to rusting or breaks and the paint.


During the rainy season, in order to make travel more secure, check before travel is essential. Similarly, the habits and way of driving in the rain, and the "security" link. To develop a good driving habits, for others and for themselves.