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PU Foam Door Seal Has Excellent Insulation, Noise, Dust

Sep 30, 2017

With the vigorous development of the construction industry now, the doors and windows used in the construction of the project, in addition to its overall good decorative effect, but also need to have excellent insulation, noise, dust, sealing performance and so on. As one of the accessories of doors and windows,PU Foam Door Seal  door seal is to make it an important guarantee for the above excellent performance. In the past the use of the process, due to the use of sealed doors and windows of the building doors, there are a lot of quality problems, mainly in:

PU Foam Door Seal are used for a long time, harden and brittle, loss of elasticity and sealing function; seal tape installed after a short period of time to shrink off, resulting in rework; by the sun exposure or heat, the sealing tape sticky, attached to the window Body and glass, and sometimes there will be "oil" phenomenon, pollution of the doors and windows, affecting the doors and windows of the sealing function and light;PU Foam Door Seal  due to structural reasons caused by sealing tape "false" installation or no seal function; Selection of excellent performance of the sealing material and reasonable design structure is the key to solve the above problems.

Based on years of professional experience in doors and windows sealing products and understanding of the market and customer needs, Hebei Cui Rubber developed a high-performance coated foam seal, the introduction of advanced production equipment developed from the independent, the product is In the soft seal material coated with a layer of waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-aging composite film, extending the life of the sealing material. It can be used directly to seal the gap between the doors and windows, suitable for all kinds of high-grade furniture,PU Foam Door Seal  doors and windows system sealing, noise, shock absorption requirements,PU Foam Door Seal  better sealing performance. Its long-lasting production efficiency of 30%, self-adhesive and fast plug-in design, only at the corner of the cut that can be quickly and easily installed, superior flexibility to minimize the window error, still in cold conditions Maintain excellent flexibility, noise and noise reduction dry operation, no glue coating.

In a variety of environments are stable performance and long service life Anti-aging, wear resistance, the surface does not wrinkle, do not stretch, do not stick paint surface, from high temperature, dust, no mildew, anti-ultraviolet And ozone erosion. Products strictly enforce the international standards,PU Foam Door Seal  in line with the British BS7412 and BS5750 standards for a variety of advanced doors and windows system, rich color options: white, brown, black, gray, beige, reddish brown, according to the customer to map, sample Design and production, comprehensive technical support and complete technical services.