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PU Foam Door Seal Good Temperature Resistance And Aging Resistance

Oct 31, 2017

PU Foam Door Seal need to have waterproof, sealed and energy-saving important role, it has sound insulation, dust, antifreeze, warm and other functions, but also a strong tensile strength, good flexibility, but also need better temperature and Aging resistance. The current sealing market generally have modified PVC, vulcanized EPDM rubber seal and thermoplastic EPDM (EPDM / PP) tape mainly.

With the winter gradually coming, we all want to live in a warm and cozy environment, which should be how to increase the life of home it? That small seal can even for our home life - add a touch of warmth.

Speaking of warming, people tend to think of a variety of heating devices such as radiators to increase the temperature of the room, but the room may be some heat can easily lead to loopholes. If you do not use energy-saving effect of the doors and windows, the sealing is not good, will make the room heat loss. If not timely leaks,PU Foam Door Seal then the room will be greatly reduced the effect of warmth.

We can put the window closed after the curtains, if you can hear the wind or the wind of the wind trembling, then there is air leakage. At this time we need to think about the sealing of doors and windows. Doors and windows are generally required to install the seal, in order to increase the tightness of the room,PU Foam Door Seal contribute to a certain role in insulation. If the air barrier due to the quality of doors and windows caused by leakage, we can replace the new seal by their own to solve. So what kind of seal to achieve the effect of airtight? In Hebei Cui's research and development of I-ECO coated seal will not appear this problem. Compared with the ordinary doors and windows seal, I-ECO insulation seal can improve the indoor 25% thermal insulation performance. Inside the PU foam sponge, to ensure the resilience of the seal, and ultimately achieve the purpose of energy saving. Absolutely let you have unexpected results!

Seal in the PU Foam Door Seal, airtight and energy-saving important role, according to the role of seals and the use of requirements,PU Foam Door Seal it must have sufficient tensile strength, good flexibility, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, cross-section Structural dimensions should be matched to doors and windows profiles. The seal is divided into two types: glass seal (strip) and top coat. The glass seal is used for sealing between glass and fan and frame. The top is mainly used for sealing between frame and fan.