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PU Foam Door Seal Excellent Performance Of The Important Guarantee

Jul 11, 2017

With the vigorous development of the construction industry now, the doors and windows used in the construction of the project, in addition to its overall good decorative effect, but also need to have excellent insulation, noise, dust, sealing performance and so on. As one of the accessories of doors and windows, door seal is to make it an important guarantee for the above excellent performance. In the past the use of the process, due to the use of building doors and windows sealed with improper, there are many quality problems, mainly in:

Sealing tape is used for a long time, harden and brittle, loss of elasticity and sealing function; seal tape installed after a short period of time to shrink off, resulting in rework; by sun exposure or heat, the sealing tape sticky, attached to the window Body and glass, and sometimes there will be "oil" phenomenon, pollution of the doors and windows, affecting the doors and windows of the sealing function and light; due to structural reasons caused by sealing tape "false" installation or no seal function; Selection of excellent performance of the sealing material and reasonable design structure is the key to solve the above problems.

PU Foam Door Seals are mainly used in steel doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other architectural decoration doors and windows. The steel doors and windows on the market are generally made of PVC, modified PVC, EPDM, elastomer seal (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silicone and other materials.

PU Foam Door Seals according to the use of different can be divided into doors and windows door seal, tops, glass seal (strip) three categories. The door seal is mainly used for the sealing between the door and the door frame, and the top is mainly used for sealing between the door frame and the door leaf. The glass seal is mainly used for the sealing between the glass and the door and the frame.

PU Foam Door Seal installation method

1, glass mat and stop tape:

(Window frame, sash) should be in the welding clearance after the strip in the correct direction of the direction with a special roller to the tape a little hard to push into the profile slot, while the plastic head down to the embedded profile slot The As the rubber is elastic, after rolling, may appear retraction, the correct way is: in the strip installed to the ends of the interface, the two ends of the strip to the middle retraction point, and leave 2- 3 cm of contraction margin, and then cut into the slot.

2, glass bead:

The tape will be the correct way to manually wear the tip of the tape into the profile slot, and then press the strip of the exposed surface, the rubber into the glass and profiles of the gap. Both ends of the tape to the middle retract a little, leaving 1-2 cm length after the cut, press into the slot.

Window seal installation precautions

1, before installing the glass to carefully remove the debris within the slot, such as mortar, brick, wood, etc., the glass should be carefully placed in the arrangement to ensure that both sides of the gap evenly and timely fixed, to prevent the collision shift Slot center.

2, the rubber seal can not pull too tight, cutting length than the length of the assembly length 2O-3Omm. Installation should be inlaid in place, the surface straight, and glass, glass slot close contact, so that the glass around the force evenly. At the corner of the rubber strip should be cut open, and in the open place glue bonded firmly.

3, with a sealant to fill the fixed glass, you should first use rubber or rubber block to squeeze the glass, leaving the plastic injection gap, the depth of injection should be not less than 5mm, before curing, should keep the glass from vibration.

4, the top of the installation site is generally in the window (door) fan, the fan around the box or seal bridge (file wind block), to strengthen the seal between the box and the fan.

5, the top of the specifications is the impact of sliding doors and windows and watertight performance of the important factors, but also affect the doors and windows of the important factors. Top specifications are too large or too high erect, not only difficult to install, but also to increase the resistance of doors and windows to move, especially when the beginning of the initial resistance and closure of the final position when the greater resistance.

6, the specifications are too small, or the height of the vertical bar is not enough, easy to take off the slot, so that the sealing performance of doors and windows greatly reduced. The tops are subjected to silicification, and the quality of the tops of the tops is flat, the floor and the vertical hair are smooth and free from bending. There is no pitting on the base plate and 0.2mm.