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PU Foam Door Seal Effectively Achieve The Indoor Temperature And Humidity Comfort Effect

Jun 30, 2017

Building windows and doors in our country has a long history, can be traced back to three thousand years ago, the week, Building windows and doors as a part of the ancient Chinese architectural civilization, called the treasure house of Chinese culture in a bright pearl.

The earliest human settlements known in our country are natural caves. "Ancient cave and wild", countless singular deep cave for the human to provide the most primitive home, cave mouth grass cover is about the earliest door.

After entering the slave society, China appeared in the first large-scale wooden rammed earth building and courtyard, which appeared in the specific definition of doors and windows. The main form of the door for the door, in the Shang Dynasty bronze party Yu Yu can see the door of the records. It is used for gates or palaces, yard, temples, houses of the door, are generally two. In the Han Dynasty records stressed that the emperor Wang Zun,PU Foam Door Seal nine magnificent door enough to show its prestige. Social development to today, the type of doors and windows have been varied. Xiaobian to doors and windows profiles of the type, to lead everyone to understand today's society a variety of popular doors and windows types.

Wooden doors and windows

The first type is the wood profile doors and windows.

Wooden materials to do the doors and windows should be one of the oldest product types. Ancient no glass, made out of the doors and windows are hollow products. At that time the doors and windows can only play the role of light through the wind and rain, and not like now,PU Foam Door Seal with the glass doors and windows, but also a thermal insulation sound insulation anti-theft effect, can really effective indoor temperature and humidity comfort The

2. Real steel doors and windows

The second type of doors and windows is made of steel frame for the doors and windows of the material. This kind of doors and windows in the last century before the eighties most applications, and now we see the old building there are steel doors and windows of the case. This kind of doors and windows generally only install a single piece of glass, from the energy point of view is very unfavorable,PU Foam Door Seal so now both building energy conservation transformation of the main object.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows

The third is aluminum doors and windows. In the country's building energy efficiency regulations before the implementation of the popular or ordinary aluminum doors and windows,PU Foam Door Seal the doors and windows of the general frame fan material for the cavity of the aluminum alloy structure, thermal insulation performance is poor, more applications in the 1990s. After the promotion of national building energy conservation, the product gradually replaced by a broken structure of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

4. Plastic doors and windows

The fourth type of doors and windows is based on plastic profiles of doors and windows, the type of doors and windows are the number of popular doors and windows in the current insulation properties, the best performance of airtight products. Because the plastic itself, the heat transfer performance, and its can achieve multi-cavity structure, heat transfer performance is much better than the aluminum alloy, of course, the product is relatively affordable price of the product, in short, is inexpensive products. However,PU Foam Door Seal these products in the 90's over-promotion, product quality decline, the market was rotten, and now people generally believe that plastic doors and windows are low-grade products. In fact, in the European region, due to the building energy efficiency requirements are very strict, plastic doors and windows is the most commonly used doors and windows products. Of course, the strength of the plastic material itself is not good metal, so in the plastic cavity inside the additional steel lining to improve strength.