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Properties And Applications Of EPDM Foaming

Dec 30, 2018

  You know the characteristics and uses of EPDM foam, can be described from the following points, the following is a summary of some of the EPDM foam properties and uses.

  The properties of EPDM foam:

  1: Compressibility is slightly advantageous to compression, and the rebound speed is slower after decompression.

  2: Excellent toughness and strength

  3: Weatherproof, weatherproof and ozone-proof

  4: Excellent water resistance and water resistance

  Use of EPDM foam:

  1: Civil: Seals at wall joints, fillers at road and bridge joints.

  2: Architecture: leakproof materials for windows and bathtubs.

  3: Vehicles and ships: light shield, doors and mirrors, taillights, air conditioning components.

  4: Appliances: Seals for refrigerators, cooling devices, air conditioners and vending machines.

  From the above content, EPDM foam is still widely used, so it is relatively easy to achieve, also give us a simple understanding of EPDM foam.