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Plastic Steel Doors And Windows Seal And Seal Doors And Windows For Which The Scope Of Application

Nov 12, 2016

Plastic doors and windows sealin the doors and windows played a watertight, air-tight and the important role of energy conservation. According to the role of the seal and the use of requirements, plastic doors and windows seal must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, cross-sectional structure to match the size of steel doors and windows profiles. Seal of plastic doors and windows in the use of glass seal is divided into (strip) and the top two categories, glass seal for the glass and the fan and the seal between the box, the top is mainly used for sealing between the box and fan.

    The scope of application of different doors and windows seal Although the doors and windows tight structure, production and installation of high precision, still installed in the doors and windows on the doors and windows sealed. Produced by a wide range of seal products, applicable to different occasions. Some use soft rubber sheet, and some with foam tape, and some with chemical fiber and hard plastic composite made of its flexibility and durability are good. Sealing method is to use some type of sealing, and some with brush brush then block. Some of the fixed method is self-adhesive, can be bonded to the box and fan; some are embedded in the groove of the doors and windows, while others use nail nail solid method. In the final analysis, the type of door and window seals and specifications with their own windows and doors to adapt to the situation in order to get good results.

    Different doors and windows seal the scope of application are different, and some brush-like or sheet-like seal is nailed to the joints in doors and windows, can only be used for wooden doors and windows; for the bottom of the door to brush or rubber seal For good; and sealing paste and metal bonding performance, in 24 to 28 hours of self-solidification, the thickness of the actual needs of the scene can be adjusted for metal doors and windows; some self-adhesive properties of good foam seal, with squeeze Pressure sealing method for windows made of different materials, the thickness should be the width of the gap between doors and windows to match; as embedded in the slot of the brush or plastic seal with the door and window slot will have to match.

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