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Kitchen And Toilet Waterproof Materials Choose

Nov 03, 2018

Kitchen And Toilet Waterproof Materials Choose

        The main cause of water leakage is due to the unqualified use of waterproof coatings, so the selection of waterproof coatings is particularly important.

Waterproof tape strip (1)

        At present, there are two kinds of waterproofing materials on the market: one is polyurethane waterproofing coatings; the other is polymer cement-based waterproofing coatings.

PVC waterproof caulk strip

        Polyurethane waterproofing used to be the main waterproofing property in waterproofing market, but now it is basically out of date because it is not environmentally friendly. Cement mortar, as one of the new waterproofing materials, is a considerable fire material currently sold. General waterproof materials are generally recommended for kitchens and bathrooms. The earliest and largest application of acrylic is in environmental paints and coatings.