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Kitchen And Toilet Waterproof Construction Process, Process And Matters Needing Attention

Nov 03, 2018

 Kitchen And Toilet Waterproof Construction Process, Process And Matters Needing Attention

           1. Before the toilet decoration and construction, the design of water and electricity road should be determined first, and the possibility, feasibility and usability of the design scheme must be considered in detail. The laying of water and electricity heating pipes is carried out before leveling.

          2. In the toilet waterproof construction, the basic level should be treated first. Remove original repair material, float soil, cement clean, make the ground with cement mortar first flat, do waterproof treatment again next, requirement surface is level off, dry. This can avoid waterproof coating due to thin and uneven and leakage.

          3. The waterproof coating should be painted evenly, and there should be no leakage, drum-lifting and peeling. The thickness of the waterproof coating should not be less than 1.2mm, otherwise the waterproof effect will be affected.

          4. Pay attention to the waterproof dead Angle during construction, the joint between the wall floor and the joint between the upstream and downstream water pipes and the ground, which is the most likely place for problems.

          5. After the waterproof layer of the toilet is constructed, plug up all the drains of the toilet, lay a 25cm high bar at the door, and then pour 20cm high water into the toilet.

          6. After 24 hours, check the walls and ground around for leakage. If leakage occurs, repair it in time.

         7. After the water masking test is completed, it usually takes 5-7 days (5-7 days for waterproof coating to form waterproof film), and another layer of cement mortar protective layer is made on the waterproof coating layer. On one hand, it can protect the waterproof coating layer, and on the other hand, it is convenient to paste the tiles.

         8. When the protective layer of cement mortar is dry through, you can lay wall tiles, spray paint or anti-wallpaper on it for normal decoration.

Generally speaking, according to the above procedures to make the toilet waterproof decoration project, waterproof effect is very good!