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How To Use The Door And Window Seal

May 15, 2018

how to use the door and window seal

    When you install doors and windows, the seal is one of the most important accessories. Doors and windows sealing strip is generally divided into three types: glass sealing strip, door and window sealing strip and wool pile weather strip. After sealing the door and window, it will have good tightness and watertightness.


    1. There are many varieties seals, and the different seals using range is  different . So when choosing the type of door and window seal, we must correspond with our own doors and windows so that the door and window can be tighter. Attention should be paid when choosing sealing strips, choose non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection seals.

EPDM usage.jpg

     2.  Wool pile weather strip is generally installed around the doors and windows and the box and fan. The surface of the top quality wool is straight and not curved, and the vertical hair is smooth and even. The specifications of the sealing strip should be matched. If the sealing strip is too small, the sealant strip will fall off, which will affect the tightness of the glass and the fan body. Too large assembly difficult, but also make the doors and windows mobile resistance increases, causing inconvenience.


     3. doors and windows and the pressure bar all have special sealant grooves, when installing the seal, we should carefully clean up the grooves, ensure that the gap between the two sides is uniform, the installation part must be smooth, do not stretch, can not curl, the joint should be less than 1MM.

    4. how to install the sealing strip for doors and windows already completed? Can buy that kind of direct sticky wool, in the door close to the corner of the door and window with a tool shovel cut the small grooves of the two sides of the wool 1CM small mouth, you can see the slot, direct plug in, so the operation is more troublesome.

    5. the sealing strip is generally used for doors and windows, and the sealing strips are installed through the layering and inner fans, so that the glass and the frame fans are tighter, forming a good waterproof and sealing effect. And there are also dustproof, insect proof, sound insulation and other functions. Users must choose a good quality sealing strip so as to achieve high temperature resistance, anti-aging and long service life.