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How To Select Good Door And Window Seal Weather Stripping

Jul 04, 2017

How to select good door and window seal weather stripping

Good weather stripping needs water proof, seal and energy saving. It has features of sound insulation, dust proof, temperature resistance and warm keeping .

Now let me introduce how to How to select good door and window seal weather stripping

1.    Test tensile force. As  seal material ,it need tensile strength in some way. For same material the tensile strength more better, the long life will be used and the seal effective is more higher. You can open and close the window and door repeatedly to observe if the sound is so loud and rebound  is good.

2.    You can pinch the seal to see if it will be whiten. If it is, it is bad one and not after too long time, it will be hard and stripped away.

3.    Smell the scent, you can smell weather it has in normal scent. Good weather strip can not be smell  peculiar smell.


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