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How To Maintain The Door Bottom Brush

Aug 23, 2017

How to maintain the brush bar

Brush is a kind of equipment commonly used in industry, we need to know how to carry out maintenance, to ensure that its service life when we use it. A brush manufacturer told everyone in the usual time, should put it in a dry ventilated environment, do not put it in a wet environment, or it will cause large influence to the brush, it will affect the use effect. And after use, we need to clean it carefully. It is important to note that mastering the method of cleaning.

Using the correct way to wash is also very important. Please don't take it when cleaning and wringing, gently pressing water come out, like this way, so as not to damage the structure. Then drying it in a cool place, not in the sun. When carrying out maintenance on the brush, we should master the relevant skills, in order to ensure the service performance and the service life of it, let it play a role in the process of using.

Brush is often used in industry, in the cleaning time of it, we should pay attention to some problems. Brush manufacturer told everyone in cleaning it, We can not reverse a brush to clean, it will damage the performance. we must follow hair cleaning. After cleaned, we should use Kleenex or cotton, and also by pressing the fingers gently, let the water can be fully discharged. Please don’t twist the brush. It will cause damage to the brush, and also the brush the structure will lead to loose, there will be hair removal problems.

The brush should be hung up after cleaned. let the brush down when drying. It can be dried naturally. Please notice do not use hair dryer blowing! And also do not dry it in the sun, It will damage to the brush material. When cleaning brush, we should pay attention to these problems. ensuring not to destroy it the service life and the use of performance, and ensureing that it can be used again.