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How To Install The EPDM Weather Stripping And Self Adhesive Btush Pile

Jul 28, 2017

The sealing strip of door and window is divided into two kinds: EPDM weather sealing strip and self adhesive. The sealing strips are generally used in doors and windows. doors and windows have sealing strip groove, the main role is through layering and inner fan using sealing strips, and let the glass sash more closely, so as to ensure the air tightness of doors and windows. The installation position of the sealing strips should be smooth, not curly, shall not be less than 1MM tensile, joint sealant, the model should match the general assembly so that the pressed in, too small to make the sealing strips easy to fall off, the glass and fan body is not close, there will be a gap. Sealing strip should be non-toxic. Odorless and environmental protection, Such kind special sealing strip.


Top of the installation of parts generally in the door and window fan, frame fan around or sealed wind block, the increase between the frame and fan seal. If the top size is too large or the vertical hair is too high, it is difficult not only to assemble, but also to increase the resistance of doors and windows, especially when the initial resistance and the closing resistance of the door are larger. The specification is too small, the height of the vertical top is not enough, it is easy to be out of the slot, so that the seal airtightness of the door window is greatly reduced. Sealing strip must be siliconizing , the quality of the appearance of top surface is flat plate and vertical hair smooth. No bending, no point making. No Bubble Piloerection and making firm adhesion, uniform density, not easy to lose hair.


Doors and windows have excellent sealing and water tightness, and that sound insulation? Naturally to sound insulation - - - insulating glass. Two or two above the glass, by Aluminum Alloy stiker (inside filled with desiccant) plus bending corner intervals around the edge of glass are marked with butyl rubber. The polysulfide gum makes it stationary, dry gas, and has a vacuum performance. The insulating glass is insulated, sealed, frost proof, dustproof and soundproof. A variety of superior performance. Therefore, many users agree. Fine insulating glass should be clean inside. No dust. No moisture.


Good doors and windows can no without the production and installation, and the standard of production is essential for high standard doors and windows. The production equipment and process determine whether the overall performance of doors and windows is good. According to the requirements, poor diagonal steel doors and windows should be controlled at 2 - 3 mm or less, there are strict processing parameters and control range, which requires the production equipment and process must do to ensure the quality of excellent staff. Therefore, the street workshop and regular manufacturers of plastic steel doors and windows are simply different. Three points production, seven points installation, if you do not pay attention to installation standards, you can cause deformation of doors and windows. The thermal coefficient of plastic steel is almost 6 times that of steel. Therefore, between the window frame and the wall must leave the expansion joint, prevents the expansion or contraction or the house slight subsidence, causes the door and window to be deformed. At the same time, in order to ensure waterproof. Thermal insulation. Sound insulation property must be filled with elastic material for expansion joint and sealed with sealant. These materials price is higher, the quality varies greatly, to prevent shoddy and shoddy installation