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How To Identify Weather Sealing Strip

Jun 22, 2017

When you process decorations, the sealing input percentage is a small amount but its advantage is very important.


Therefore, please do not use fake ones to reduce that little cost.


Identifying the weather stripping can be divided the following methods:

1.    smell it and make sure it has some peculiar smell. The normal PVC has a little smell that can be ignored.

2.    Tight the sealing strip on the windows or doors under high temperature for time. You will find the if any color stained or being yellow is appeared. Or any oil can stick your hands.

3.    Some cheap sealing strip contains much additives and the appearance is not so much shining.

4.    There are much talcum powder being added into sealing strip to increase the weight. It is unwise and increase the cost. You would find white powder after several strech.


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