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How To Block The Tight Joint Windows In Winter

Aug 04, 2017

                         How to block the tight joint windows in winter


There are cracks in the window, whether it's new or old. The summer is not very obvious, when the winter was in the wind. I can't stand near the window every day. The air conditioner is too full. This window affects the overall indoor temperature, so how can we block the cracks in the window? Here's a small way to take a look at it.

1.The small glass window that opens in the window

If the cool air is evident in that area, it should be that the rubber pads between the large glass window and the small glass window are not placed properly. It's a black rubber covered with four sides of a small window. Some of the rubber twisted, may leak, you need to place the rubber new neatly and then closing the window on it, it will be ok. If it does not work for a long time, it is estimated that the black rubber will be renewed. You can also buy a thick cloth to seal the opening so that you can reduce a lot of cold wind.

2.The four sides of the window cement

It's the four side of the window. The air leak will be strong, because it comes in through the cement. The solution is to wipe the water off with a cloth, and then buy a plastic film to cover it. With the film the glass cover, and then use the tape, or taciturnly sealed. The adhesive cloth is more strict, Plastic sheeting can be used both on the outside and inside of the window.

3.Sealing strip

If the air leak is well handled on the edge, buy a few seals and stick it on. It's easy to seal and it looks clean and sanitary. The main thing is that the effect is ok. This method will still be cool, And it's will much better than before.

4.Use glue to seal the gap

Buy some glass glue, buy a glue grab, and stop where there is a leak. This is tight. If there is water on the window or the water is near the window, you should dry it first and then glue it to make it better.

5.The thick curtains

The last layer of defense, the front sealing is done, if there is still cold in. It is ready for the thick curtains, or when the curtain cloth to. This will keep out a lot of cold. It won't be too cold near the window sill.