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House Sealing

Nov 08, 2016

Step One

A home improvement enthusiast, or weekend warrior, can replace a door seal or install a new one in a short amount of time with only a handful of tools: Philips head screwdriver, utility knife, spray lubricant, pliers, and a good hammer. Many home improvement store (or eBay) have many styles of door seals as well as sizing options, so finding the right one won’t be hard. 

Once the right door seal has been purchased, the installation can begin. Start the installation of the door seal by first removing the door all together. Remove the hinge pins by using a flat head screwdriver to forcefully lift the hinge pins up, starting with the highest one on the door. If the pin is ornery and refuses to budge, use a hammer to gently persuade the pin out of its home.    

Step Two

Depending on the size of the door a lone weekend warrior may need to ask for some assistance if the door is too heavy. There’s no need to risk an injury for a door seal. Remove the door at it’s hinges and lift it off the jamb. Now that the door is free of it’s surly bonds lay it aside. Locate the old weatherstripping (door seals) around the frame on the threshold.  Using the Phillips head screw driver, prise it out. It should just pull right out like a long line of licorice.  

Step Three

Sometimes the groove holds onto the seal and its time for the utility knife to do a little dance. If the seal is stuck in a groove, carefully cut down the center and work it out with a screw driver. All of the old seal must be removed completely before the new can be installed.  

Step Four

With the spray lubricant at the ready, spray the aluminum tracks liberally. The more lubricant on the door, the easier it’ll be to slide the new seal into the door’s grooves.  Carefully insert one end into the groove's opening and slide it through to the other side. Cut off any extra seal material with the utility knife. Be careful when cutting as the spray lubricant can make things slippery.   

Step Five

Once the seal is in place, simply replace the door, with assistance if needed, on it’s hinges and replace the pin. Sometimes the pins will need to be hammered in. Do so carefully so one doesn’t hammer off the whole hinge. 

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