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Foam Seals Are Affected By Those Conditions

Nov 08, 2018

  With the development of foam sealing strip technology and manufacturing materials, more and more sealing strip products have been born, and foam sealing strip sponge foam sealing strip is one of them. Compared with the rubber seals of our manufacturers, its advantages are very obvious.

  First of all, in the sealing effect, the sealing strip has the advantages of good softness and elasticity, so that the details can be processed on the sealing. There is also a sponge foam seal that is light in texture and chemically stable, so it is suitable for sealing anywhere.

  The price of the foam sealing strip is not fixed for the sponge foam sealing strip, because its development is still immature, so it needs to be further improved both in technology and in the market. The main factor affecting its current price is its production materials.

  Because the raw materials of various sponge foam seals are different, the quality of the seals produced is also different. And as technology advances, more and more sponge foam seals will be born.

  In addition to this, productivity is also an important factor affecting its price. Because the current technology in the production of sponge foam sealing strip products has not reached the level of competition with rubber sealing strip products, this is also an important reason that affects its price and market. hair

  A bubble seal is a seal that utilizes the properties of certain materials to produce pores inside it. It is divided into EPDM foam sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip and PU foam sealing strip.

  The foam sealing strip is formed by microwave vulcanization technology at one time, and the surface is smooth and beautiful without any trace. Excellent elasticity and resistance to shrinkage and excellent aging resistance. Excellent flame retardant function, low smoke and low toxicity; stable product function and high scale accuracy.