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Foam Sealing Strip

Mar 06, 2017

Foam sealing strip is extruded to be flexible strips for house/automotive door window trim seal,often made by EPDM rubber,e.g.self adhesive rubber seal.

EPDM rubber properties are fit for weather sealing projects because of its outstanding weather resistant characteristics,it also can be custom made damping parts on machinery to minimize shock/noise/vibration/compression set etc.

EPDM rubber extrusions features

  • weather resist

  • hard wearing,noise control,durable
  • anti impact/vibration/collision,aging resistance,flexible

For weather sealing,the most common style is foam rubber strip,made by EPDM,color black, ,with a self adhesive backing for easy installation.

For home door sealing,the most popular weatherstrip is self adhesive rubber strip,it is a small size strip,popular section P/E/D shapes, durometer hardness 20~30 Shore A,mainly used to fill/wedge into jambs,drafts on door panels/profiles.

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