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Fire-proof Sealing Strip

Mar 22, 2017

our fire-proof seal is fire-proof conponent for building ,mainly used in all kinds of fire-proof door ,windows,cabinet ,,can effectively perform the function of heat insulation in the fire-proof door and windows, ,is statutory necessary items ,we stock several kinds of fire-proof seal 

once seal reach a certain temperature ,the material inside the seal will release the foam ,

can effectively prevent the fire from spreading ,

our fire-proof seal have the following feature ,

5-25 times expandable 

will not be affected by climate ,ultraviolet,

fire-proof performance will not be affected by humidity,moisture in the air,

if the fire diaster don't happen ,rubber gasket will perform the function of sealing ,anti-collision,sound proof ,

in the event of fire,our proof-material will quickly expand  and effectively close the gap of door frame ,and can 

perform the function of heat insulation,because the gasket is fire-resistant material ,will not burn in the event of fire,

eliminate the risk of open flame,

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