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Fire Proof Seal The Ability To Maintain The Integrity Of Building Components

Jul 19, 2017

Buildings, especially high-rise buildings, because of its high height, large area, complex functions, the occurrence of fire, with the fire spread quickly, evacuation is very difficult, difficult to fight, fire and more features. Statistical analysis shows that in recent years, the number of fires increased year by year, the number of fire losses and death increased year by year. In order to reduce the risk of fire, reduce economic losses and reduce the fire mortality rate, the new regulations stipulate that the building should carry out effective fire protection design, especially high-rise building fire protection design should be based on self-defense, to take more reliable fire prevention measures, mainly from the building Structural fire protection, building general layout and fire fighting, interior layout of buildings, fire extinguishing facilities and fire fighting facilities for escape and escape, as well as other heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems such as buildings, electrical equipment and distribution lines. Fire prevention measures, and measures to improve the essential safety of process equipment.

Ordinary silicone Fire Proof Seal as the main raw material 107 base rubber in the 200-300 degrees Celsius can burn, from a certain point of view are combustible items, and later the major manufacturers have introduced flame retardant Fire Proof Seal to solve the ordinary silicone Fire Proof Seal burning Problem, flame retardant Fire Proof Seal used in the need to inhibit the combustion of the building area. Products to meet the GB / T 24267-2009 building flame retardant Fire Proof Seal standard. Qualified flame retardant Fire Proof Seal can be done from the fire self-extinguishing, that is no longer applied to the case of flame Fire Proof Seal to stop burning. Nevertheless, the flame retardant Fire Proof Seal in the continued flame burning will eventually be the same as the ordinary Fire Proof Seal ashes, loss of blocking effect. In the current fire field more and more emphasis on fire conditions to maintain the integrity of the building components in the environment is clearly not meet the requirements. So the flame retardant Fire Proof Seal can not be used as a fire Fire Proof Seal.

The most important function of the fire Fire Proof Seal used in the construction field is to emphasize the ability to maintain the integrity of building components in the event of a fire. Jintai Chemical's DJ-A3-AT178 fire Fire Proof Seal has the function of ordinary Fire Proof Seal under normal circumstances. It has the function of sealing and sealing the building gap and has certain displacement ability. When the fire occurs, the fire Fire Proof Seal Increased temperature of the surrounding colloid gradually hardened and ceramicized, play a role in the closure of the gap, to prevent the flame and smoke from the gap in the further spread.

Do you want to re-test the fire Fire Proof Seal?

The following is the material before entering the project supervision required information, the provisions of the material review report category, which has stone and the use of AB glue and weathering adhesive re-inspection requirements.

Engineering process information (follow up construction progress):

1, technical review records

2, materials into the newspaper review

3, the material re-inspection report (including: anchor tensile force on-site test report, keel steel re-inspection report, stone water absorption test report, stone bending strength test report, radioactive test, weathering compatibility test report, Of the pollution test report, AB dry hanging plastic or epoxy resin test report, curtain wall four performance test report, in addition to the quality supervision stations in the region or the construction unit supervision unit requirements to be done other test reports )

4, hidden engineering review (buried hidden records, stone skeleton hidden records, lightning protection records, fire insulation hidden record)

5, lightning protection grounding resistance test records.