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Fire Proof Seal Effectively Maintaining The Integrity Of Building Components

Jun 19, 2017

Fire Proof Seal Silicone sealant is a kind of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is made of terminal hydroxyl polydimethylsiloxane as the main raw material, has excellent anti-aging and mechanical properties, and has good for most building materials Of the bonding performance, in the national economy, especially in the construction of curtain wall has a wide range of applications. With the development of high-rise curtain wall, the function of the sealant is not only limited to excellent bonding performance and aging resistance. Several major fires occurred, so that high-rise building fire safety has become a hot topic of focus and research in various fields.

Fire Proof Seal Ordinary silicone sealant as the main raw material 107 base rubber in the 200-300 degrees Celsius can burn, from a certain point of view are combustible items, and later the major manufacturers have introduced flame retardant sealant to solve the ordinary silicone sealant burning Problem, flame retardant sealant used in the need to inhibit the combustion of the building area. Products to meet the GB / T 24267-2009 building flame retardant sealant standard. Qualified flame retardant sealant can be done from the fire self-extinguishing, that is no longer applied to the case of flame sealant to stop burning. Nevertheless, the flame retardant sealant in the continued flame burning will eventually be the same as the ordinary sealant ashes, loss of blocking effect. In the current fire field more and more emphasis on fire conditions to maintain the integrity of the building components in the environment is clearly not meet the requirements. So the flame retardant sealant can not be used as a fire sealant.

Fire Proof Seal It not only has a flame retardant sealant self-extinguishing flame retardant ability, but also in the high temperature that is not the case of fire ashing, no powder, ceramic occurs. Continue to maintain the sealant sealing effect, effectively maintaining the integrity of building components. Prevent cigarettes It must comply with the national mandatory standards GB 23864 fire blocking material at 1000 degrees Celsius at least 3h to keep the backfire surface temperature below 180 degrees Celsius, while the back of the fire surface to be intact, no cracking, do not channeling fire.

The most important function of the fire sealant used in the construction field is to emphasize the ability to maintain the integrity of building components in the event of a fire. Jintai Chemical's DJ-A3-AT178 fire sealant has the function of ordinary sealant under normal circumstances. It has the function of sealing and sealing the building gap and has certain displacement ability. When the fire occurs, the fire sealant Increased temperature of the surrounding colloid gradually hardened and ceramicized, play a role in the closure of the gap, to prevent the flame and smoke from the gap in the further spread.

Fire Proof Seal The DJ-A3-AT178 fireproof sealant is consistent with the general sealant at room temperature. After the high temperature calcination, the ordinary sealant will be ashed, and the DJ-A3 -AT178 With the temperature rise through the addition of the role of ore powder will occur ceramic, not ashing, not powder. The ceramic structure formed after colloid calcination is also affected by the conditions such as bubble density, calcination temperature curve, external pressure and other conditions.

1, mainly the selection, improper use or maintenance caused by bad, some poor quality of the motor, there are hidden problems in the operation of the accident can cause a fire.

 2, improper selection, in a fire and explosion hazard, the choice of protective motor, once the motor failure occurs when the high temperature arc or spark, it will ignite the combustible or explosive mixture of explosive combustion.

3, overload, the maximum output power of the motor is limited, if the load exceeds the rated output power of the motor, an overload occurs. Overload will appear when the motor heat, vibration, speed down, the sound is easy and so on, serious overload will burn the motor.

4, mechanical friction, the motor will produce friction in the rotation, bearing wear will produce abnormal sound, the phenomenon of local overheating.

5, poor contact, the motor winding of the contacts or lead-out connection is not strong, loose ignition, causing a fire.

6, single-phase operation, three-phase asynchronous motor in the case of a power supply is still running, then the other two phase to increase the phase of the current,Fire Proof Seal this state is called single-phase operation. When the motor single-phase operation, some of which winding current will increase dramatically, because the protection device fuse melt current is generally twice the rated current of the motor selection, it is not action. Therefore, with the load of the motor single-phase operation, if not found in time, take the appropriate measures, it will burn the motor winding, causing a fire.

7, insulation damage, the motor windings are generally used paint, yarn, silk package made of copper wire wound. Wire insulation aging, damage or suffer from lightning, etc., resulting in inter-turn, phase or ground short circuit.