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Environment-friendly Coatings Have Sealing Parts

Apr 28, 2018

Environment-friendly coatings have "money"sealing parts.


         Zhao Jinbang, a professor at the Shanghai Institute of coatings research, believes that the proportion of low pollution coatings in the developed countries of the United States and Japan has reached 65%~70%, and Germany is up to 80%, while our country is still less than 50%, so the development of environment-friendly coatings is an inevitable trend.


        Zhao Jinbang said that China's solvent based and high polluting coatings are still dominant in many ways. One is the cost problem, and the second is the concept problem, that is, the enterprise always thinks the solvent based coating performance is more reliable and stable; three is the use of habit problems; four is that the environmental coating is still less than the solvent based coating in some properties, and the five is the technical problem.


       Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) or zero VOC, no heavy metals, no harmful air pollutants (such as formaldehyde, etc.) and energy-saving coatings are collectively referred to as environmentally friendly coatings.


     A major source of PM2.5, the main source of fog and haze, is VOC. The VOC emission of paint coating industry is about 1/5 of the total emission of VOC. According to 12 million 310 thousand tons of paint production in China in 2012, the VOC in paint coating industry was 400~530 million tons. This shows that the paint industry has become one of the culprits causing fog and haze, and has a great responsibility.

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