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Efrigerator Refrigeration Is Not Good, The Seal Should Be Replaced

Jul 25, 2017

      Refrigerator refrigeration is not good, the seal should be replaced


Refrigerator cooling effect is not good for the seal, the refrigerator can be said to be one of the longest work in electronics, 24 hours non-stop running, but we usually do not pay attention to the inside of the refrigerator clean, so a lot of dirt slowly accumulated, therefore, often cleaning the refrigerator is very necessary. The refrigerator contain a lot of things, but It is the most dirty place, do you know?


Is this refrigerator sealant inside the door, many people have overlooked, it will hide many dirty things, which lets the food in the fridge goes bad very quickly. Daily cleaning should be paid attention to the seal, such as ice box sealing bar the phenomenon of aging to timely replacement, otherwise it will directly affect the whole refrigerator when sealing, thermal insulation, cooling effect and service life and so on, it is a small material use.


How to install the refrigerator packing-strip? Shanghai HeYa Decorative Material rubber will introduce you some skills to install refrigerator seal.


1, the refrigerator door seals up, put all the fixed door seal screw removed one by one, and then the door seal from the door liner were removed.


2. When installing, first seal the door around the inner bladder, then attach it to the inside of the door, then fix the screw hole on the upper side, then screw the screws in the opposite direction. The fastening screws should pay attention to before the door seal flat and azimuth.


3, Installed, the box door closed, opened, to see the box door and the seal between the box. If the seal is not good because of the poor installation, the 2 - 3 screws in the bad part of the door seal should be loosened and adjusted.


4, If the refrigerator door seal is out of shape, you can use hair dryer heating plastic. If the door seal four corners seal is not good, you can corner the door seal turned up, fill in with the appropriate foam.


5, after the end of the installation, you should open and close to test several times to check whether you can switch freely.