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Doors And Windows Sealing Products

Mar 26, 2018

Doors and windows sealing products


The sealing strip is an important part of doors and windows. The sealing strip is a powerful measure to ensure the airtightness, water tightness and sound insulation of doors and windows, and it is also a reliable guarantee for the safety of glass after being exposed to external force in doors and windows. Because the sealing strip will be contracted, aged and deformed due to climate influence and sunlight exposure. Therefore, the sealing strip is not allowed to work under tensile state, and the free state of the sealing strip should be maintained. In order to clamp the glass tightly, the sealing strip is often pulled too tightly during the installation process, so that the free state can not be guaranteed, and the sealing strip is in the state of tensile deformation. It has been proved that the sealing strip is broken, broken and cracked, as the sealing strip is installed in the state of tensile deformation.

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