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Door Bottom Sweep How To Seal Gaps And Cracks?

Oct 11, 2016

Take a good look at the outside of your home for gaps and cracks around vent openings, plumbing pipes and where windows meet the siding. These areas likely need to be sealed.

You can seal any gap up to one-quarter inch thick with caulk, but you should use expanding foam for larger gaps. These are most commonly found near the dryer vents, around pipes and the foundation.

When it comes to areas that move, it’s best to use weather stripping. As you probably have noticed, seals or gaps on your doors and windows can be problematic, but weather stripping often solves the problem.

There also are other options, including vinyl and acrylic metal weather stripping, which provides a more permanent seal. In addition, a vinyl or metal door sweep installed on the bottom of exterior doors keeps out unwanted drafts.

Peel and stick rubber or foam weather stripping is another viable option. You simply press it into place around the door and window jam.

Save energy, prevent water damage, keep pests out and save money by sealing gaps and cracks especially before winter arrives. 

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