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Door Bottom Seal Temperature And Corrosion Resistance Are Very Good

Jun 30, 2017

Leakage is one of the often faults in mechanical equipment. There are two main reasons for the leakage: First, due to the results of mechanical processing, mechanical products on the surface there must be a variety of defects and shape and size deviation, therefore, in the mechanical parts of the junction will inevitably produce gaps; Side there is pressure difference, the working medium will leak through the gap.

Reducing or eliminating the gap is the main way to prevent leakage. Door Bottom Sealing is to Door Bottom Seal the gap between the joints, isolate or cut off the leakage channel, increase the leakage channel in the resistance, or in the channel by adding a small work components, the leakage of pressure caused by leakage, and the leakage caused by partial pressure offset Or completely balanced to prevent leakage.

Door Bottom Sealing can be divided into relatively static joint between the static Door Bottom Seal and the relative movement between the joint between the two major categories of dynamic Door Bottom Seal.

A static Door Bottom Seal usually refers to a Door Bottom Seal between two stationary surfaces. Static Door Bottom Seal mainly pad tight Door Bottom Seal, Door Bottom Sealant Door Bottom Seal and direct contact Door Bottom Seal three categories.

Dynamic Door Bottom Seals are Door Bottom Seals between the relative moving parts in the machine (or equipment).

The packing Door Bottom Seal is mainly used in the machinery industry in the process of machine and equipment movement part of the dynamic Door Bottom Seal, such as centrifugal pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, mixers, reactor shaft Door Bottom Seal and reciprocating pump, reciprocating compressor plunger or piston rod, As well as a straight, spiral valve between the stem and the fixed body of the Door Bottom Seal. The basic form of stuffing is:

Temperature and corrosion resistance are very good, but when used alone, the Door Bottom Sealing effect is poor, so always impregnated or attached to other materials. Oil asbestos packing: its basic structure in two ways, one is twisted, the other is knot. And can be round and square.

Teflon tape is woven into packing, excellent corrosion resistance, and can be used for cryogenic media.

In the low pressure state, the Door Bottom Sealing effect is good. The use of temperature is limited, such as natural rubber can only be used for 60 ℃.

Generally made three-piece, can also be made into other shapes. Plastic used to polytetrafluoroethylene as much, but also the use of nylon 66 and nylon 1010.

Soft packing, also known as mud-like filler, is a new generation of high-performance synthetic fiber with a special barrier agent and lubricant refined from the high "packing." Soft packing of any size, any shape, easy to install, through a dedicated high-pressure gun can be direct injection, not like the traditional packing, the need for pre-cutting, can apply any size packing cavity Door Bottom Seal.

Soft packing Door Bottom Seals are available for a wide range of applications such as high pressure reciprocating pumps or low speed pumps, high temperature stem, valves or packing boxes.

The expansion ring is a cut-out metal elastic ring, known as the piston ring. Swing in the free state when the incision open, into the cylinder after the closure of the closure, expansion ring by the elasticity of the cylinder with the inner surface close. Work, the expansion of the role of the pressure by the working medium to cover the side of the expansion ring groove, by the expansion of the outer cylindrical surface and close together from the end of the role of Door Bottom Sealing. Swelling ring cast iron or tin bronze, mainly used for operating the higher temperature reciprocating compressor and internal combustion engine piston Door Bottom Seal, and the turbine shaft Door Bottom Seal.