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Door Bottom Seal No Deformation, Wear Resistance Is Very Good, Longer Life

Oct 31, 2017

Hear customers want to replace the supplier of a major reason is the quality of the problem, a lot of time, customers will be surprised a little brush what mystery, why some hair brush quickly deformation, fade, hair loss, uneven To the effect of sealing and dust, hard to install and so on ... ...

In fact, these problems are related to the quality of the Door Bottom Seal related to some people think that the quality of the brush should not be important, as long as you can use on the line, when you use you will find that you can not underestimate the quality of this small brush The A recent customer plan to purchase a number of our home door Door Bottom Seal, he sent some of his previous use of the sample to us. After receiving the sample, we immediately tested and found the following:

This brush when you get the hand and can not find any problems, when you use this product will bring you a lot of trouble, hand gently pull the hair will fall, then installed under the door, Long closed the door, the natural hair will fall out of a place, and fail to seal the effect of such a product you dare to use it?

Then look at the following proud of the bottom of the door to seal the quality of brush how?

2009 proud of the industry is the first to develop a "brush quality standards," the brush production enterprises, in December 2016 proud of the product standards made a third revision, from the wool of the material, the base of the material, hair Brush specifications as well as packaging and shipping, according to the user application needs, customer requirements, re-developed a more appropriate product testing standards. Proud group has been imitated, never been beyond!

So, the bottom door Door Bottom Seal mystery in the following points:

1, neat hair, wool high end, the length of the basic consistent, to prevent 98.5% of the air leak, the sealing effect is great!

2, proud of the brush after 100 million times back and forth friction test, no deformation, wear resistance is very good, longer life Oh!

3, proud of group brush fastening, not hair loss, pull ≥ 6kg ~ 10 kg

4, wool, base material with the same batch of uniform color, the installation effect is more beautiful!