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Door Bottom Seal No Deformation, Good Wear Resistance, Long Service Life

Oct 20, 2017

1. Introduction of Door Bottom Seal

Automatic sealing strip at bottom of door:

Installed in the door of the fire door inside, the door closed automatically down the active seal to press the ground, closed the door and the floor of the gap; the active seal will automatically take off from the ground when the door is opened, without any friction with the ground.

Daily can prevent the outside dust, odor, mosquitoes, hot and cold airflow, noise, miscellaneous light from the bottom of the door into the room, to protect the indoor environment.

At the beginning of the fire, stop the toxic fumes from the bottom of the door into the room. As the fire develops, the temperature rises, the fire-retardant expansion material configured by it is stimulated by the temperature, the expansion quickly and completely closes the door bottom crevice, prevents "flees the fire".

It must be made from quenching, flame-retardant, refractory materials, and after installation does not reduce the safety level of fire doors, it is important to pass official certification.

2. The principle and installation of the Door Bottom Seal

When the door is closed, the transmission mechanism is used to press the bar to the ground or the threshold to achieve the purpose of sealing the noise and dust.

1) The installation of Door Bottom Seal

Compression key

Automatic door seals are divided into unilateral or bilateral compression key two kinds. One-sided compression key according to the design requirements can be installed in the lock or hinge side, bilateral compression key at the same time under pressure, the dust bar can be automatically stretched out, that is, an oppressive key installed in the lock side, another compression key installed in the door hinge side. In particular, it should be pointed out that the double compression bond type of the door bottom seal is stretched out and retracted, there will be no

Any delay, thereby improving the service life of the sealing strip.

2 The application of Door Bottom Seal

* The application of the door to determine the bottom of the door sealing wind material.

*PVC Door Bottom seals apply to high-temperature, sound-proof occasions.

* High-temperature flame retardant silicone door bottom seals apply to the load DIN 4102 standard fire doors and din 18095 standard smoke-resistant doors.

* The door bottom automatic sealing strip and the threshold combination use, may greatly improve the sealing strip effect.

* If the seam below the bottom of the door is a carpet or a different paving material, it is advisable to use the automatic door sealing bar and the threshold at the same time.

At the bottom of the door seal brush the mystery of the following points:

1, hair silk neat, Maus, length basically consistent, can prevent 98.5% of air leakage, sealing effect is very good!

2, Pride group brush after 1 million back and forth friction test, no deformation, wear resistance is very good, longer service life Oh!

3, Pride group brush fastening, do not lose hair, pull ≥6kg~10 kg

4, filament, base material with the whole batch of color uniformity, installation effect more beautiful!